May 15, 2010

new york, 2007 | travels

New york via my point-and-shoot Canon Powershot S2. I had this point-and-shoot for several years before getting my dSLR. I am actually impressed with the images that came out of this point-and-shoot camera. It's too bad it's no longer working, because it is much easier to travel with a smaller camera.

new york blog 1

new york blog 2

new york blog 3

new york blog 4

new york blog 5

new york blog 6

new york blog 7

1 comment :

Tiffany Thompson Converse said...

Nice! I love the black and white action on the city looking down at the cars. I found you through Stephanie Williams blog. I'm thining of doing about a mentoring session with her as well.
Great work!