February 7, 2011

purse obsession...

... starts early in life :)





She insisted on carrying *her* purse (it was one that her mom didn't want anymore). Our bank account is happy that I can't tell expensive purses from inexpensive ones (I think my most expensive one is a camera bag!). But maybe one of these days, I should splurge. Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

I bought Bridge an LV purse in epi leather. I gotta say, it's pretty hot...and with all the $$ I spend on camera gear, she more than deserves it. =D

These shots are super adorable!

Anonymous said...

I vote LV! I love them!

- Linda T

Alice said...

Heheh, better watch out for that little one!

It'd be nice if we could all afford Hermes... the craftsmanship is just unparalleled. I'd say something classic like Bottega Veneta :D (amazing buttery leather)

Ling said...

aww, i remember doing that with my mom's purses when i was younger.

i don't know about recs! i'm like you; my most expensive bag is my epiphanie one!