March 19, 2011

march birthday madness

Many birthday celebrations this month. First one of the month goes to my sis and her son - they were both born on the same date, 36 years apart (so, they were both born in the year of ox, as was my mom!). James is now 2 years old. Here are some photos of him when he was just a month old:


Here's me holding him - I love the light and the blurriness.

He was bald for awhile, and finally grew some hair!
Happy birthday sis! Miss you and James very much! Can't wait for you guys to come back to LA soon!


Jacqueline said...

Aww, this little guy! I recognize him. :) He's so cute! Hope he and your sister had great birthdays.

Btw, saw that you and Pei met! I had dinner with her last week before she went to LA and she mentioned she'd like to see you when she was down there for the weekend. She's so great, isn't she?

Alice said...

gorgeous shots all around. i love your new blog header! very fresh and perfect for spring.

Jade Sheldon said...

He is just so beautiful! Future heartbreaker? :)

Howie said...

Gosh.. How cute! Great pictures also

Kelven said...

Wow gorgeous portrait for your last picture Karleen. Great picture sof the little guy too hehe. The yawning shot is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Love all of these Karleen! Great job

JulieLim said...

I love the new look to your blog! The photo of you holding the baby - something about that photo seems very timeless :)

I miss our talks and meet up! Whenever I visit Pasadena again, let's go for lunch or dinner

Sukhi said...

so sweet. i love that you brought his baby photos into this post - love the blurry one of you holding him. what a handsome, sweet nephew you have!