April 3, 2011


Like the special moments shared between a bride and her groom on her wedding day, those moments shared between her and her bridesmaids are unique and beautiful in their own ways.

And if you know me, I love photos that are blurred, whether intentionally or accidentally. I like that there's a whimsical and mysterious feel to them =)



Kelven said...

Awesome frames Karleen... especially that first one... the light and the flowing dress are captured so artistically..

Jacqueline said...

i love it when it's blartsy... you're right, it makes it more mysterious. and more like a memory. :)

Li + Belle said...

this are wonderful photos. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Love that grainy black and white image. Simply beautiful!

Sukhi said...

so so beautiful. loving the blur - definitely adds the right dimension/feel to these. love them!