August 14, 2011

container kitteh

Finding Pokey in some sort of a container is a common occurrence. It doesn't matter how small it is or if it's already filled with something else, she will still sit in it like it's the most comfortable place.

Her favorite is jumping into a warm load of laundry that has just come out from the dryer.


Don't know how she got into my purse...

If there was a kitty modeling contest, I think she would totally win it (she also has the diva attitude to go with her looks!).


akane said...

Totally love this post:) She is so adorable, so beautiful.
Oh, cats really love places that don't look comfortable to us, but they have their reasons I guess;D

Anonymous said...

haha! Great series. I found Suki in a box we were using to organize some fresh laundry. I called it a fox in a box with sox =D

Alice said...

squeeeee! i can't wait to get a kitteh once we're settled in a new apt that allows cats. :D

Phoebe said...

My favorite is the shot of her on the arm of the couch, that's awesome!

Jacqueline said...

awwwww! she's so adorable. in the purse! in the paper bag! and that pose on the sofa arm -- so cute! dang, all my cat does is just lie on the carpet. really not that cute.