November 9, 2011

bits & pieces from chicago

Although this was my 3rd time in Chicago, this city never fails to charm me each time.
chicago iphone blog 1
I was here this time for a 4-day conference which pretty much lasted all day everyday. I didn't pack my SLR, knowing that I wasn't going to have much time to see the rest of the city. But photography has made me appreciate my surroundings, even if it was a place like a convention center that I would have thought of as "boring" in the past. Here are some images I took with my handy iPhone.
chicago iphone blog 2
I love the light that comes in through the huge windows (almost floor-to-ceiling).
A trivia that I just picked up: McCormick Place is the largest convention center in the U.S.!
chicago iphone blog 4
We had a couple of hours to explore Millennium Park. For whatever reason, I always get so excited to see the Bean, ha!
chicago iphone blog 5
Another gem is the Chicago Cultural Center which houses the world's largest Tiffany glass dome.
chicago iphone blog 6
This last one was my favorite of the city - taken from a large window by the elevator in my hotel :)
chicago iphone blog 7
{photos processed with ShakeIt and Lo-Mob apps}
Check out my SLR version of the city from last year here.


Phoebe said...

I love how the emptiness of the images makes it look like the city was just yours to explore. Gorgeous, Karleen!

Jacqueline said...

oh, i love all these shots. chicago is where my family's from, so i always love seeing shots of familiar places.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Karleen. I actually have never been to Chicago!

Jasmine said...

Oh wow. I really love how you have so accurately captured what I felt was the essence of the city while I was there: it's structural vibe. Not just architectural, but seriously… about structure. So cool!

Howie said...

Your iPhone photos are always inspiring.

Arsh said...

oh how i love your photography style!